13 January 2012

Impromptu Dance Party


Here's a post to catch us up through the new year. The extended Gaub family joined us for Christmas, so we were able to stay home for the holidays.
Gingerbread cookies. (my biggest pet peeve of the camera: the flash makes the girls close their eyes in 75% of photos)

Christmas morning. Nora just wasn't sure what to think.

Heidi, Troy, Andrew, Kris (AKA Gigi)


Look at all the lollipops!

Church. Nora did not want to cooperate!

So I took a photo of the non-preschool Gaubs.

Grandpa & Gigi get ready to open presents.

Ella really likes her keyboard!

Nora, trying out the new guitar.

Thank you Dave & Aliya for the play-doh toys!

Thank you Aunt Mia & Uncle Tim for the totally engaging and very very very messy MoonDough.

Nora & Gigi had the same idea...

Andrew kept his head warm with a Mongolian hat. Those Mongolians know how to keep heads warm.

Gretchen joined us for the festivities.

Troy had to get in on the hat-action.

Andrew and I went to New York City for New Years. It was a very very very nice weekend getaway!

Nora painted a gingerbread man with the paint supplies from Aunt Natalie, Uncle Matt, and Link.

Ella painted a rainbow.

Nora has been very committed to learning some songs on the keyboard.

The girls got Fordham tees from Uncle Troy.

Ella, wearing a headdress Wendy got her in Egypt.

Wearing hats from Aunt Mia.

It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day in January!

The girls were very sweet, cute, and acting like BFF's all day!

Bring it on, 2012!